Our team specialises in all art medium packing, ensuring that your Art is kept safe wherever you are transporting it to.

At Momentous, our art packing teams are experiencedfully trained, art technicians which are provided with some of the best in house training on offer in the industry today. This means that any art medium will be correctly packed using the right materials and handling methods at all times.

Our bespoke art packing cases and materials are accessed with your art medium in mind

Every piece of art is unique. Because of this, specialist skills are needed to access which case and packing materials are to be used, so that the art has the best protection during transportation. Thankfully, our art technicians know exactly how to handle any and all types of art works and mediums used. We assess each and every piece before packing to ensure we know exactly how to keep it safe. We’ll choose the right case-making materials, plan the safest type of transport and create secure cases that ensure the items are safe from any type of damage during storage or transport.

Keep your items safe with our specialist fine art packing services. Call Momentous today for more information on 020 3780 4545