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Packing Up and Going with the Best Art Delivery Service

Packing Up and Going with the Best Art Delivery Service

Here’s what to look for in a premium art delivery service you can rely on.

Here at Momentous, we spend many hours and lots of resources on ensuring we have the best art delivery service that everyone from art gallery owners and managers to museum directors, artists, collectors, designers and more can truly rely on. After all, the creation process is fraught with difficulties and frustrations, but the end result can be stunning — and highly valuable — and our goal is to fully protect it when it’s on the move.

We know that for those who own fine art or are looking after or managing it, transporting it from one location to another, whether locally, nationally or around the world, can be a deeply stressful time. If the art delivery service is not up to scratch, there’s a real chance of damage or even theft along the way. It’s an unfortunate scenario that happens all the time, and can result in destroyed paintings and other works — or that they simply vanish into the black market and are never seen again.

Making sure a painting, or an entire collection of them, arrives at a destination for an exhibition is therefore a highly orchestrated operation that involves many elements. This includes vast experience and expertise and the use of top technology to make sure nothing goes awry and no harm is done. We have designed our leading art delivery service to make absolute sure this happens, and all the time.

Packing Up…

It all starts with appraising works of art, antiques or anything else of artistic and valuable nature. The packing requirement for pieces of art are as individual and unique as the works themselves, and that’s why a custom or bespoke approach really is the only way to get a perfect fit.

So you need high-quality packing materials that can be customised to large or small paintings or objects, so they’re fully insulated from bumps in the road and everything else along the otherwise perilous journey to their destination. Plus, you need expert hands to do all this vital and initial work. Just leaving to amateurs with little or no experience could almost certainly result in disaster.

…And Going…

There’s certainly a fine art to transporting fine art. No ordinary vehicle will do, either. Getting to the local destination or airport or seaport requires the best in customized fine art delivery service transportation. That’s why Momentous has its own purpose-built fine art transport vehicles to do the job up to the most professional of standards.

They’re not only climate-controlled to ensure paintings and other works are not exposed to potentially damaging temperature and humidity levels, but they’re also fully insulated throughout the body and have air-ride suspension so that the vehicles almost glide along. We’ve made sure to also install the most up-to-date GPS tracking systems in our fine art transport vehicles, so we know where they are at all times and are also totally secure with our classified security systems.

…With the Best Art Delivery Service

You know you have the very best art delivery service when it dispatches a specialist flight courier to accompany your high-value artworks on their trips abroad. Even if it’s an urgent fine art shipment, a top art delivery service such as our can arrange your own flight courier in an instant, giving you ultimate peace of mind that your works will be guarded at all times during the journey.

There are perils at every stage of delivering artwork to a destination, but by using the best art delivery service you can get, it’s bound to always be smooth sailing.

The art delivery service specialists at Momentous are available to discuss your next moving project, and advise on the best possible way to go about it. Contact Momentous now and find out more about how you can get your valuable works from A to B and back again without a hitch.

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