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Momentous Art and Interior Design Services
Momentous Art Packing - Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Through our work with fine art, we manage projects for interior design experts handling some of the UK’s most prestigious developments.

With over 30 years of experience, our logistics services for Interior Design have evolved to provide flexibility and specialised care to designers and architects in today’s global market.

Working with your design team

We work with your design team to manage the delivery of the project.  We use our experience of working with fine art and installations to provide expert guidance on the finer details of your plan.

Specialised Installation  

Our interior design technicians include industry veterans with decades of experience working with leading designers, architects and hoteliers. From tactical planning to execution, our team of experts will support every phase of your project.

  • Our installation services include:
  • Handling (including mechanical/lifting equipment)
  • Team Configurations
  • Estate Removals or Relocations

Transport and Storage that expands with your Trade

We offer a wide array of storage and transport options to support your growing clientele and diversity of projects.

Our dedicated services for Interior Design include:

  • Consolidated Storage and Transport
  • Customs documentation support
  • Project Management