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Corporate Social Responsibility

Momentous is a global fine art shipping business.  We touch the lives and communities of people all over the world. As part of the global art community, we have a responsibility to contribute and ensure sustainability.

We work with our employees to make sure they understand our CSR policy, the importance of sustainability and the role that they each play within it.

Our CSR policy sets out the principles we follow and the programmes we have developed in areas where we feel we can have the greatest impact or influence:


We endeavour to attract key talent from the fine art industry. We aim retain skilled staff through being a good employer. We focus on training and development, diversity and equal opportunities, work environment and employee vitality and satisfaction.


We do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment by managing our carbon footprint, reducing waste, recycling effectively and ensuring our materials are obtained from renewable sources whenever possible.  Our objective to reduce plastics from our supply chain and increasing awareness of the environment are part of what we do.


It is our objective to promote and positively contribute to the art community.  We work with key associations within the art world, providing advice on fine art shipping and logistics, as well as supporting all the key events in the art word calendar.

Data Security

We have a strict data policy to ensure your information is handled securely and complies to the latest data protection and privacy standards.