Guy Bell Ai-Da the AI artist

The world’s first humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist

Written by Tabish Khan #ArtMoment

Masterpiece London will bring together some of the finest artists, whether their craft is fine art, jewellery, furniture or design.

While up in Oxford, an exhibition will be questioning the very role of the artist, what it means to be an artist and what future awaits artists. Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist, will be unveiling her artworks in an exhibition at St. John’s College.


Can AI can be an artist?

It raises the question of whether an AI can be an artist. Nobody asks whether a camera is an artist, as it’s the photographer who is the visionary and the camera merely a tool. Is Ai-Da any different, and should the coders behind it be the ones classified as the artist?

Is Ai-Da’s ‘inspiration’ any different from the processes on our smart phone that sharpens up our images or is it similar to how our brains work – and what’s the difference between all three?

Does giving Ai-Da a human face and arms make it/her more identifiable as an artist than a rack of servers would be? Can a person ever feel an emotional attachment to a work when it’s known that a human didn’t create it, but something humanoid did? Will our homes eventually be adorned with work created by machines?

These are all important philosophical questions that this exhibition won’t answer, but it can act as the trigger for us all to give further thought to the role of AI in the creation of art. If Hollywood is to be believed, we may be looking at our future masters.

Masterpiece London | 27 June – 03 July 2019 | The Royal Hospital Chelsea becomes the meeting point of creatives and collectors during Masterpiece London.

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