Kinska: My Opera House at Now Gallery

Kinska: My Opera House at Now Gallery

By Tabish Khan

Step inside a pastel coloured miniature house and examine all the delicate ceramic pieces inside it. In this moment I reverted to a childlike wonderment within the ceramic world created by Argentinian born artist Kinska.

In a small fenced garden nearby a girl’s top half has appeared out of a hole while her legs are disappearing into another one. Suspended above the installation are one hundred ceramic tear drops with faces painted on them.

The artist recently had a ceramic hip replacement and it’s why her work is so strongly tied into this material. The installation incorporates elements of childhood, pain, loss and recovery. There’s something more raw about the emotions we experience as a child then the ones we often seek to conceal as an adult, and that’s why it feels easier to identify with these powerful feelings in an installation that reminds us of play time as a child.

Now Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula has impressed me with many of their previous exhibitions including a multi-coloured maze and a glittering supper. By selecting artists that easily move between art and design it’s able to commission impressive installations and this exhibition is an example of another immersive and accessible exhibition.


Hysterical at Phillips

Hysterical at Phillips

Written by Tabish Khan

If you’ve ever been to an auction house to see an exhibition of works before a sale, you know the drill. Paintings on the wall, sculpture in the middle of the room, all impeccably lit and accompanied by labels with the estimated auction price. It’s a tried and tested formula from organisations with a track record for selling high value art.

Well Phillips on Berkeley Square in Mayfair have ripped up that rule book with an exhibition that’s more immersive than the exhibitions you could expect to find at major museums.

Smiley faces on the floor, colour everywhere and strange creatures perched atop the walls and the entrance. This walk in acid trip is the brainchild of artist and set designer Gary Card who has been given carte blanche by Phillips to design this exhibition for their auction.

That’s right, there are artworks hidden with this explosively fun maze, but you’ll have to hunt them out as they seamlessly blend in with the décor. The spinning flower by Yayoi Kusama and a photograph of Cindy Sherman dressed as a clown fit in as if they were designed for the exhibition, rather than being consigned pieces for sale.

The highlight is a video triptych inspired by Hieronmyus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights – with each screen presenting Eden, Paradise and Hell. All three are filled with quirky imagery such as Hell containing bodies writhing in pain and an obese man being force fed other bodies — with the whole scene being watched over by a giant skeletal judge passing decrees. Each film is filled with surreal scenes and they can all be watched inside a darkened shed.

While walking through the exhibition it felt like I was more likely to come across a ball pit than a work of art, and it’s refreshing to see auction houses trying something daring. Long may it continue.

Take a look at HYSTERICAL

Corporate Curators Preview

Drawing Room announces Curators’ Preview and Discussion with Momentous

The Drawing Room has released details of a joint event they are hosting with Momentous Fine Art.

The event is a Curators’ Preview and Panel Discussion and is part of their sought after Drawing Biennial 2019, an exhibition of over 200 drawings and includes work by leading and emerging artists from around the globe.


An Exclusive Event for Curators of Corporate Collections

The event will be Tuesday 26th February 2019, with places restricted to the world’s leading curators of corporate collections.

As part of a special preview for corporate curators there will be a panel discussion on collecting works on paper and building a corporate collection. The panel will include Mary Doyle (Drawing Room Co-Director), Jon Sharples (Chair of the Simmons & Simmons Art Network), Rana Begum (artist) and Mary Findlay (International Art Curator, Deutsche Bank), and will be chaired by Laura Uccello (Business Development Manager at Momentous Fine Art).

Contributors to the Biennial include Rana Begum, Ryan Gander, Antony Gormley, Mona Hatoum, Idris Khan, Michael Landy, Cornelia Parker, George Shaw, Raqib Shaw, Alison Wilding, Rose Wylie and many others.
Drawing Room is a world-renowned non-profit institution that presents exhibitions of drawings from around the globe. It nurtures talent through supporting the production of new work, and showcases the diversity of drawing.


About Drawing Room and Momentous Fine Art

Momentous is collaborating with Drawing Room on a number of upcoming projects, including a second event for art collectors to be hosted on 21 March 2019. The corporate collection event, focuses on an area of Momentous Fine Art’s core proposition for services specifically developed to support Curators of Corporate Collections.

Read the Drawing Room’s post regarding the Corporate Curator event here. It provides more details of the panel and the event.

Frieze Art London

It’s Frieze Week…are you ready?

So it is finally here! Frieze Week is off to a strong start this year featuring 160 of the world’s leading galleries. Visitors can view and buy art from over 1,000 of today’s leading artists. And Momentous are on-site throughout the week. Here is a round-up of our top tips for the week.

Frieze Art London

Curating Corporate Spaces: Latest Trends From Leading Corporate Curators

Our Frieze Week Event in collaboration with Christie’s Education is completely Sold Out! To learn more about the event visit our recent post. We cannot wait to discuss top-insights on corporate collections with our favourite curators.

Email : for last-minute tickets, limited availability.


London’s top events during Frieze Week and beyond

Take a look at our post to find out about the must-see gallery openings and museum exhibitions for Frieze Week.

Need some help with shipping, storing or installing artworks?

If you are attending and you need some support with your collection or purchases then we are here to support you during London’s most demanding week with the following dedicated services; Daily Shuttle Service to Frieze, Last-Minute Installation Support and Temporary Storage. Contact Us to Learn More about our Frieze Week Services.

Momentous Fine Art - interior Design Experts

5 Best Shows of 2018: Top Picks from Interior Designer Service Experts

From sustainable living to future trendsetters, our interior design service experts have compiled a list of the most anticipated interior design shows coming to London this year.

The city of London will host a variety of trade shows in 2018, yet none grab our attention more than those relating to interior design. With major brands and huge industry names flocking from around the world to showcase their latest and greatest achievements, there are some truly unmissable events taking place this year. Our interior designer service experts reveal the five events we believe nobody should miss:


Surface Design Show, Business Design Centre

February 6 to February 9.

Described as

Farleys Fine Art on the Move Award - Entrants

Farley Arts Trust Awards 2017

Farley Arts Trust Awards | Working in Partnership with Momentous

A Celebration of East Sussex Schools and Colleges Visual Arts

As a proud sponsor of Farleys Art Trust, Momentous were invited along to the Farley Arts Trust Awards awards evening 2017 at Farley House in East Sussex.

Working in Partnership with Farleys Arts Trust Momentous came up with a new and innovative award ‘Art on The Move’. The winning artist would not only appear in the catalogue and the exhibition but would also have their winning piece of art featured on the side of a new Momentous Fine Art vehicle for 2 years.

On Friday 13th October 2017, Mark Costa-Rising, Group Sales & Marketing Director and Shane Lewis, Operations Manager of Momentous along with The trustees at Farley Arts Trust awarded Charlie Legh-Smith from Uckfield Community Technology College the ‘Art on the Move Award’ for her GCSE entry called Companionship.

Charlie commented, “I enjoy the art of something different and original, which inspired me to use small human figures, made from glue, that reflect humanity in a boy’s dog. My overall piece was inspired by Samuli Heimonen and his use of giving a deeper, surreal meaning to his paintings, thereby giving me the idea to create an image that reflects the relationship between a young boy and his dog.”

Congratulations to Charlie, and we look forward to working with Farley Art Trust committee and seeing far more inspiring art in the years ahead.

Brexit Fine Art

What will be the impact of Brexit on the fine art market?

Whilst the UK and EU wrangle to find a workable agreement for Brexit, the art world looks for solutions.  In a world where the situation is yet unclear, galleries, museums and curators are turning to industry insiders within the art world to help them understand what they will need to do in the event of a no deal scenario.


Arts Council England publishes advice on a no deal Brexit

On 23 January, the Art Newspaper reported on the advice provided by the Arts Council, should a no deal situation arise. The Arts Council advice recommends that arts and cultural organisations should prepare for a no deal scenario. In this eventuality the Arts Council foresees delays to shipping and customs processing for the six months following the UK leaving the EU – in the event of a no deal scenario.


European Registrars Conference Brexit Update

On 21 December, the UK Registrars Group posted an update on how a no deal would impact customs and transportation of fine art between the UK and the EU. The article, produced following the European Registrars Conference, identified some key areas of consideration, including:

VAT and Duties are expected to be subject to change. Whilst it was expected that the National Import Reliefs Unit (NIRU) system of tax and duty reliefs for temporary imports for exhibition is believed to be retained, the discussion advised that “museums who are not NIRU registered or who import acquisitions outright may need to take this into consideration in budget planning.”

Export licences such as Open Individual Export Licence (OIEL) and Open General Export Licence (OGEL) will remain constant, but there will be subject to checks at borders.



One area that remains to be clarified was indemnity and it’s impact on fine art. From an art shippers perspective, we are monitoring this from the point of view of how to ensure continuity of coverage between the UK and EU.


Momentous Brexit Planning

As we stand today, there is no clear understanding if we are going to have a deal or no deal for Brexit. As part of AGM Group, the business is keeping a focus on three areas:

  1. Freight and customs
  2. VAT
  3. Indemnity


Important: Please note that article has been posted based on what we understand at the point of writing. This article should not be used as advice. Always consult with your fine art moving consultant for the most up to date information before moving works.