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5 Best Shows of 2018: Top Picks from Interior Designer Service Experts

From sustainable living to future trendsetters, our interior design service experts have compiled a list of the most anticipated interior design shows coming to London this year.

The city of London will host a variety of trade shows in 2018, yet none grab our attention more than those relating to interior design. With major brands and huge industry names flocking from around the world to showcase their latest and greatest achievements, there are some truly unmissable events taking place this year. Our interior designer service experts reveal the five events we believe nobody should miss:


Surface Design Show, Business Design Centre

February 6 to February 9.

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Salvator-Mundi Close Up

Salvator Mundi: On Show and in Fine Art Storage in the Middle East

The public will get to view the world’s most expensive painting in Abu Dhabi, where it will be on display and in fine art storage.

A 500-year-old work believed to be by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci is bound for the Middle East after a mystery buyer paid $450 million for what is now the world’s most expensive painting.

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is reported to have purchased Salvator Mundi at a Christie’s auction in New York last month, at which frantic bidding for the painting depicting Christ as saviour of the world broke out. It will be put on display at the

Artwork storage warehouse - Fine Art Storage

In the Frame: Art Storage and What to Look For

Storing valuable works of art off-site can be an experience fraught with worry. But using the best art storage facilities will put your mind at rest.

What we see on display at museums and art galleries is really just the tip of the exhibition iceberg. It’s a fraction of what’s owned or loaned because there’s just far too much to hang at any one time. Like with anything else, space is at a premium, and rotation and art storage are what keeps it all going.

It’s the same for any successful artist or collector with a growing number of works in their collection or investment portfolio. The sheer size of some paintings makes it impossible to display them in modern homes

Momentous Art Packing - Truck Transporting Fine Art

Fine Art Movers: Keeping the Show on the Road

What do you need in great fine art movers? Vast expertise and a laser-like attention to detail are essential.

Before the world’s most expensive painting was auctioned in New York in November, it embarked on a global tour so people could get a first-hand look at the last Leonardo Da Vinci painting in private hands.

Around 20,000 people turned up in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York to gaze at the Renaissance master’s haunting rendition of Christ as Saviour of the World (Salvator Mundi) ahead of its record-breaking auction in New York, where it went for $450 million (

Fine art transport by air and sea

Plane or Sailing: What’s Best for Fine Art Transport?

With fine art transport, you need to weigh up the options of getting your valuable works from one place to another.

When you want to move fine art, whether just one piece or many items for an exhibition, you have to consider how to get it there. A number of factors will dictate what method of transportation art gallery and museum managers opt for, including time and costs. But the most important is total security, so the valuable works survive the trip and arrive intact.

There are, of course, many risks with fine art transport, meaning you cannot just leave the task to any shipping or transport firm. Insurance requirements will usually call for specialist fine art transport; experts who have many years’ experience handling and transporting priceless works of art without a problem. Trying to cut costs by using a general shipping firm may well result in disaster.

The absolute worst thing that can happen during the transportation of your fine art is that the works of art are not just damaged (it may be possible to repair them, after all), but that they are stolen en route to their destination. This is a very real prospect and one that unfortunately has occurred many times in recent years. The works will most likely disappear into private hands, having been sold off via black-market contacts.

High-Flying Fine Art Transport

Many owners and directors of art galleries and museums turn to aircraft for their fine art transport needs. It’s fast but can be costly, and it’s not always accommodating to particular art transport requirements. Large paintings may not fit in the cargo holds of the type of small passenger planes used on short-haul flights around Europe, for example.

Fine art transport specialists, like us here at Momentous, talk to their clients about the works they want to ship and come up with the best solutions. If it’s possible to transport artworks by air, getting them to their location as swiftly as possible and reducing the security risks, a fine art logistics team will work out the most effective way to do it.

We always make sure that when fine art is being transported by air, either around the UK, to wider Europe or anywhere in the world, that it does not travel alone. We have a specialised flight courier who accompanies works on their journey, ensuring they reach their destination and are properly unpacked and ready to be displayed at the exhibition.

All at Sea with Fine Art Transport

If time is not an issue, it may be best to consider sea transport to move fine art from one location to another. Plus, it’s ideal for large works of art that cannot be transported by air. Indeed, planning fine art transport far in advance of an exhibition will give you the option of using sea transport anyway. If it’s an entire exhibition involving large volumes of art, it may, in fact, be the only viable way.

Getting to the seaport or airport must also be considered. Our vehicles, for instance, are specially configured to protect your fine art during transport. They’re climate-controlled to provide the perfect environment for even the most delicate works, and have insulated bodies and air-ride suspension